Kildonan-St.Paul PPC Candidate

About Martin Deck


Martin is 35 years old and a father of 2 kids. He has been with his spouse for over 10 years.  

Growing up in Woodhaven in St. James, Martin’s parents worked for Safeway foods. Martin’s mom was an avid pianist and she loved music. She was originally from Brandon, MB. His father was a farm boy who originally came from Sedley, SK. 

In the early 90’s, Martin’s mom had him try out for the All Saints Men and Boys Choir under the direction of the now late Lawrence Ritchie. Serving in the choir for approximately 4 years during the 90’s, Martin had the opportunity to travel to London England. The choir travelled the countryside performing in various Cathedrals such as Westminster Abbey and Elie. They also provided candlelit evening song concerts at the church on Broadway. Martin had the opportunity to serve the less fortunate at All Saint’s Church soup kitchen. Choir members were asked to assist with serving Winnipeg’s less fortunate.

As he got older and moved on from Church Choir, he enrolled with the Manitoba Pan-Am Diving Club. Martin dove with the diving club for about 4 years. It became a family affair as both his cousins and his brother also dove with the club. As he became more accomplished he made the Provincial Team and he had the opportunity to dive against notable Olympians like Alexandre Despatie. Martin was coached by former Olympian Mike Mourant and Aaron Dziver who now coaches professionally out of Montreal. 

Martin attended St. Paul’s High School, and was a graduate with Honours. While at St. Paul’s he volunteered under the religious studies program at Heritage Lodge Personal Care Home in St. James. He enjoyed spending time with the residents, running the indoor bowling games program. Martin also volunteered at the Grace General Hospital while in High School. He assisted the triage nurse where he brought pillows, blankets and water to those waiting to be seen by the emergency doctors. 

In his teens, Martin’s mom went back to University and finished her Masters in Musical Education. His father assisted her financially with going back to school. Martin’s mom taught in Seven Oaks School Division for approximately 20 years. His father has worked at MacDon Industries for now over 10 years. 

Martin attending the University of Winnipeg from 2002-2006 where he earned his B.Sc majored in Biochemistry. In 2004/2005 Martin attained his Class 1 License and he started long haul truck driving to pay for tuition. He travelled all over Canada and the USA. While in university, he befriended an attendee of Calvalry Temple Church. Martin volunteered with Calvarly Temple to operate their Saturday Night Bus service for kids in the North End. Martin would drive to East. Saint Paul, pick-up the bus and drive throughout the North End bringing kids to church. The kids loved it. Martin bought his first house in the heart of the North End Winnipeg in 2006 and lived there for 8 years. Martin liked his neighbours, spent time beautifying his boulevard with flowers and plants, and he frequented Luda’s Deli on a regular basis for the Kristi Special.


In 2008 Martin met his spouse, and in 2014 they moved to North Kildonan, where they both felt it would provide an opportunity for good schools and friends to grow up with for their kids. 

Martin worked briefly in an agricultural testing lab but decided to pursue a career with Manitoba Hydro instead in 2008. He worked for Manitoba Hydro at various generating plants along the Winnipeg River, Northern Manitoba and at substations in Winnipeg. Martin left Manitoba Hydro in 2017. 

In 2017/2018 Martin spent time as a Maintenance Electrician for two major steel fabricators in Winnipeg. He also did a brief stint of Flat Deck Super B Transport with Mullen-Gardewine Group. He picked up re-bar steel and delivered it to Keeyask Generating Plant on Multiple occasions along with various other types of freight going to many other locations.

From late 2018 onward Martin is now currently happily employed with a national railway in their mechanical services division.

Martin has worked for both Union and Non-Union employers. There are benefits and disadvantages to both. The need for balance must be sought on both sides. He has nurses, teachers, former principles, firefighters, medical professionals and mechanical engineers in his extended family. Martin cares about them and their abilities to do their jobs effectively, and about being able to maintain those services into the future for us, and our children. 

Martin feels compelled to run for the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), because for once in a long time we have a strong vocal leader running this new party. Maxime Bernier is saying things that resonate with a lot of Canadians, on issues that are of significant importance. Martin feels that Maxime Bernier is giving voice to many Canadians who have been silenced by political correctness, and that talking about these serious issues is the first step in the right direction for Canada. It is only by giving voice to Canadians who have not felt represented by other parties that we will become more united as a country. Martin accepts this challenge of carrying the PPC banner and hopes other citizens see the benefits that our party platform offers.

Ready to work for you.
Ready to work for you.