Martin's Platform



Infrastructure: Secure Infrastructure funding to complete Chief Peguis extension to Route 90 in a timely, cost efficient and 3P construction process. 

Pipelines: We need to get the pipeline built and I am pro-development of an East-West energy corridor that would include electrical transmission, oil/natural gas and right of way for rail development. We will impose this "right of way" of national interest and security to Canada which will not be contestable in court.

Environment: Scrap the carbon tax and re-introduce a NEW Eco-Energy program. Under this program, insulation, furnace upgrades, solar/wind generation, geothermal, heat pumps, grey water systems, rain storage systems or electric/hybrid vehicles will be encouraged  and the purchaser will receive an income tax rebate towards such investments. This will apply to homes and businesses to lower expenses making them more efficient and environmentally friendly. I believe Canadians know how to spend their money more wisely than the government when it comes to saving energy and the environment. 

Taxation and Budget: The PPC wants to lower your taxes, and simply the taxation process. Maxime Bernier has proposed a simple 3 tier tax system and I support that endeavour. 

0% Tax on $0-$15,000 of income

15% Tax on $15,001-$100,000 of income

25% Tax on everything over $100,000

10% Business Tax Rate

Max and the PPC are the only federal party that is committed to balancing the budget in 2 years. We cannot burden our children with unmanageable debt levels.

Government Reform: Reducing the size of the Federal Government by approximately 7% in total employee numbers. Implementation of legislation to ensure fair compensation for political participants, Some of these reforms would prevent multiple government pensions being paid out while collecting a Federal pay-cheque until the age of 50. To encourage respect for government we must emulate fairness and responsibility for all-including politicians. There is also significant interest of electoral reform. I would be supportive of introducing a private members bill after consulting with various stakeholders on best practices and systems. There is also significant concerns whether to keep, reduce or abolish the Senate and I am willing to look at all proposals.


Canada Pension Plan Reform: The Canadian Pension plan is failing retired Canadians by failing to provide the necessary means to live comfortably in retirement. I intend to develop legislation where Canadians can opt out of the CPP if they so choose. The CPP deductions would automatically be deducted by employers and deposited into an account of the employees choosing and would be strictly under the individual's control. (Similar to a TFSA, or RSP)The frequency of payments would remain the same however the employee is now privately saving for their retirement. This allows your Canadian personal Pension Plan savings to be transferred to a spouse or loved one,  rather than be confiscated or be given a reduced payout by the government. There would be insurance policies in place to cover the loss of pension funds due to short or long term disability or illness.


Trade and Labour Mobility: I believe that trade and labour mobility should flow freely across Canada and our Provincial borders. I believe legislation that allows goods to flow without tariffs or additional taxes from one province to another is a good idea. I also believe that  skilled professionals should be able to move from one province to another unencumbered by re-certification. (Doctors, Lawyers, Teachers, Nurses or Tradespeople)-any skilled professional should be recognised Canada wide. In that endeavour I would seek to reduce the size of all Provincial Apprenticeship Branches to merely satellite offices and have one Federal Office in Ottawa that would oversee all professional certifications and recognition. A certification in one province is a certification in all. No longer would regional apprenticeship branches/public educational institutions be influenced by local employers to  the detriment of labour and the rights of workers. This centralized certification branch would also assess the skills and abilities of newcomers to Canada. The PPC is a party that is for Pro-Economic Immigration, and this will help immigrants find suitable employment in their field. The skills and education of immigrants to Canada should be recognized, and I think the best way to address this is through short term apprenticeships. (1-2 years) I have heard many anecdotal stories on the campaign trail of skilled immigrants having to take jobs that are beneath their skills and education level. 


Border Security and Immigration: We must immediately amend the Safe Third Country agreement. Legal immigration to Canada must be encouraged and all those who came illegally must return to their country of residence and apply through the proper channels. We cannot help others if we don’t put Canadians first. What’s happening at Roxham Road in Quebec, and Emerson Manitoba is not being respectful to hard working tax payers. If we do not put Canadians first the reasons why people choose to come to Canada is in jeopardy. Our country is great because of our freedom. We must be free to discuss any and all issues in parliament-including difficult ones. All the people coming here legally and illegally comes with an added social cost and past governments are not listening to the voices of Canadians on this issue. The People's Party of Canada has proposed a cap of 150,000 immigrants per year which includes economic immigrants and refugees. We are the only Federal party calling for a reduction in Canada's total immigration numbers. We also plan to seek better qualified immigrants, those that have transferable skills, education,  grasp of our official languages and can readily integrate into the economy. We are a party that is pro-economic immigration but with restraint to protect our Canadian culture, social cohesion and national security.

Indigenous Reconciliation: Knowledge is power. I encourage the government in the spirit of reconciliation to continue to provide educational assistance for those on reserves or implement new programs for those who wish to continue with higher education/vocational programs to better themselves and their families. I would be willing to seek the funding to ensure those who choose to pursue these programs would receive education and housing assistance at recognized educational institutions. The PPC is also going to repeal and replace the partriarchal Indian Act . Under our plan, Indigenous people will have the opportunity to own property on reserve. They will also have increased ownership of services they receive in partnership with Ottawa. The PPC plan will ensure accountability by Indigenous governance by regularly reviewing how funds are spent. This will ensure Indigenous communities of greatest need are properly addressed. 


Foreign Aid, Military and Foreign Entanglements: I believe we need to end all foreign aid until Canada’s infrastructure is fully repaired to functioning levels. Politicians have been throwing our money all over the world when they should be focusing on issues at home. Our infrastructure needs major repairs and we have thousands of homeless on our streets- this is unacceptable in my mind. No more foreign aid and no more entering foreign entanglements until we get our own house in order. In that effort I would ensure our military is funded for strong, short range, rapid strike defensive operations rather than power projection abroad. We must provide the right equipment for the military position we choose to take. The right projects need to get chosen for our military to invest in, without lengthy delays and foreign interference. 

Judicial Reform: I believe the punishments in Canada for many offences are far too lenient. We need to access how we are choosing judges, and what sentences are given. There have been far too many violent home invasions in Winnipeg and other areas of the country where light sentences are handed out. I would seek recommendation to invoke Castle Law/Equal Force Law and the right to defend one’s person and property from threatening individuals. I would also like to see inmates doing good for society. I believe there may be savings for the government in the development of penal labour agreements with provincial and local municipalities. I also feel that our Free Speech Legislation must be amended. There are too many people who are being silenced, threatened and imprisoned by our current legislation by simply speaking their minds. I believe people should have the right to say whatever they want, and I also believe that people have a right to choose whether or not they want to listen. Legislating what people can and cannot say is not the role of government.  I also feel we need to have a debate on when life begins since we have no abortion legislation in Canada. I feel women need the right to choose, but I also feel we need to respect the right to life of babies. I would vote favourably on any legislation that restricts abortion past the 1st trimester. An equal balance must be sought between women’s rights and the rights of the unborn.